College Counseling

College Guidance at Martin Saints Develops Spiritual and Practical Skills 

Planning for college requires and develops both practical and spiritual skills. From the very beginning of the college application process, Martin Saints creates a culture of discernment. We help students develop their academic and career interests in the context of prayer.

Martin Saints is not a "feeder" for just one type of college. For example, a family’s circumstances and a student’s vocation can appropriately lead to a public university or to a private college, to a large Catholic university or to a small Catholic liberal arts college. Some public institutions have wonderful and vibrant Catholic chaplaincies; some Catholic colleges are less committed to Catholic fidelity than others. That’s why each situation requires discernment. We believe if you're wise and astute about it, faithful and fruitful Catholic life is possible at a range of institutions. Each type of college will have its own potential and its own pitfall, its own strengths and challenges, that must be discerned wisely and carefully.

In order to enable discernment, Martin Saints offers our students college and career counseling, support for standardized testing and admissions exams, and guidance about application strategy. We also arm our students with testimonies from adults who attended various universities and colleges. Especially in this day and age, the college environment can create real challenges to faith, but also opportunities to deepen and grow in faith, and so families need to be alert to the campus spiritual context.

With the information and strategies provided to our students and their families, students begin to discern what their lives might look like after they graduate from Martin Saints.  Ultimately, our goal is to help our students be in the world, but not of it - to be fully alive!

College Counseling Plan

  • Group orientation and overview designed especially for tenth grade students and their parents

  • One-on-one counseling sessions with our Director of College Counseling

  • Student and parent access to Naviance, an online platform for college planning and application submission 

  • Faculty mentors who are eager to talk and pray with students about college and vocational discernment

Standardized Testing

 Students applying to college will most likely take at least one college-readiness standardized test during their junior year. Some students may take tests earlier or re-test later. Students will receive advising on which test(s) to take, as well as information on where to find useful test-prep resources. While Martin Saints never teaches to a specific standardized test, we realize the importance of these tests for college acceptance, scholarships, and financial assistance. 

We would love to aid our students and families in preparation for these tests by offering support in finding good resources. Currently, we make the following suggestions:

  • Use the links in this table to become familiar with the format and content of each test and to find information about official test prep materials:

(Click image to open pdf file of table with clickable links.)

(Click image to open pdf file of table with clickable links.)

  • Invest in a specialized test-prep course or tutor (we hope to offer these on our MSC campus in the future)

  • Read the MSC Math Department’s Standardized Test Philosophy