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Thomas Riordon

Craftsmanship | Drama

 The Bard wrote the famous line: “What’s in a name?” and Mr. Riordon has often asked himself the very same question. Mr. Thomas (Tommy) Riordon has gone by his middle name/nickname for as long as he can recall and he invites you to attempt to guess what his real first name is. No prizes will be given for correct guesses. Mr. Riordon has had the supreme pleasure of travelling the world for a considerable portion of his life (a benefit of his father’s profession) and the vibrant and visually arresting aspects of the different cultures he experienced informs his artistic work and his eye for stagecraft. Mr. Riordon holds a BA from the University of Dallas where he studied both Theater and History. As part of his thesis for the Theater Major, Mr. Riordon directed and staged a full production of Georges Feydeau’s play The Pregnant Pause (a profoundly funny comedy which explores family and first-time parenthood). From that time on, his love for directing plays took deep root. In his time after university, Mr. Riordon has directed, performed in, or designed numerous theatrical productions in Texas and Philadelphia, with his most recent directorial work presented at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Mr. Riordon’s primary work as a management consultant is influenced by the principles of performance far more than one might imagine, and he enjoys pointing out and exploring the miniature moments of theater one can discover in daily life (“All the world’s a stage,” isn’t it?). Mr. Riordon loves taking any opportunity he can to share his passion for theater with others and his time at Martin Saints is no exception. Mr. Riordon lives in Drexel Hill with his wife and with his three young children who are quite dramatic on their own and require no additional prompting from their father.