Summer Reading

Martin Saints Classical High School requires all students to read one grade specific classical literary work during the summer break. A study guide is provided with questions that are designed to help guide the students as the read.

Students are expected to have carefully read their assigned book by the beginning of the school year, and they will have a Literature quiz on that book within the first week of the school year year.

9th Grade


Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Edith Hamilton - ISBN 978-0446574754

Edith Hamilton's classic retelling of the primary Greek myths serves as a great introduction to the Greek world that is the backdrop to the freshman literature sequence. Students will learn the Greek origin myth and several memorable cautionary tales. Also, these short stories introduce the Greek gods as well as all of the major Greek heroes, such as Hercules, Pericles, Theseus and Jason. This is a must-read for students to prepare for the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid and Greek drama in the freshman literature curriculum.

Please Note: Incoming freshmen are asked to read Parts I-III of the Hamilton book only. Reading further actually begins to preclude the subject matter of the Iliad and Odyssey which we read during the year. Parts I-III take students through page 251.