Martin Saints Classical Community

We are a community of ordinary people who aim high,

working hard to raise the next generation of saints.

At Martin Saints Classical High School, teachers and parents work together to introduce our children to Jesus and the Church, and to seek excellence in our children's moral and academic formation. In teaching the classics – by committing ourselves to what is good, true, and beautiful – we confront and rebuke the modern day demons. Jesus taught with authority, and our curriculum has authority, and each one of us shares in that authority. When Christ is dwelling in us, when we are faithful in our prayers, when we’re open to the Word, when we’re faithful with the sacraments – we carry Christ’s authority. What we’re building in this school rebukes demons, and is an offering for the renewal of the Church.

Faculty at Martin Saints are charismatic, bright, faithful, and wise teachers. They are modeling the faith, kindling enthusiasm in our students. In the words of a Martin Saints mom, "When my child went to [previous school], at the end of the day, I felt like I had to fight to get her back, to keep her close to the family. Now I relax. Martin Saints is solid, and real, and I can trust it. I have allies!"

Our community centers around the formation of our students, in union with their primary educators: parents. Our teachers bring their academic expertise and mature faith lives to students in the classroom, educating them in the Catholic classical tradition. Our Board of Directors supports our faculty and families, enabling Martin Saints to grow, to be financially stable, and, most of all, to remain faithful to our mission.