Saints Louis & Zélie Martin

  Parents of the youngest Doctor of the Church

Parents of the youngest Doctor of the Church


Saints Louis and Zélie Martin were a married couple with a large family who were canonized on October 18, 2015. One of their daughters was Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, famously known as "the little flower."

Louis and Zélie earned a living, faced challenges, and raised their children to know and love Jesus. Louis and Zélie raised children who knew that God was alive and active in their lives, that the created world is a sacramental world, a world of goodness, beauty and truth.

If Louis and Zélie can do that for their children - if they found a way to become saints in the middle of the mess of family life - then with the help of God's grace, with the help of the Church and each other, then we can do it too.

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