Proud of Our Students

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At Martin Saints, we aspire to be a family of families. When St. Paul says that in the Church we are members of one another (Romans 12:5), who bear one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2), we think "yes! That's the kind of Catholic community we want to build." You can see it in the art project pictured above: each student drew a section, and together it's beautiful and coherent.

As our school year draws to a close, it's time to shout a hearty "congratulations" to several students who have recently achieved a few milestones. St. Paul also says "rejoice with those who rejoice!" (Romans 12:15)

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Anna Grace Williams, Max Post, and Thomas Buentello all scored high honors on the National Latin Exam. Dr. Erika Harnett is the proud magistra.

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Grace Oberdorf, Julia Finegan, and Pia Buentello have all been admitted to the Summer Scholars Program at Eastern University's Templeton Honors College. Grace is also our newly-elected student council president. Julia has also been admitted to Princeton University's summer Witherspoon Institute for high schoolers. Pia's application essay to Templeton earned her a scholarship. Wow!

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There's Grace again, this time with her parents Maggie and Jay and her brother/their son Stephen Oberdorf. They're beaming because they're attending a Boy Scout Court of Honor where Stephen has just become an Eagle Scout.

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The Rawson twins - Sebastian on the left; Evelina on the far right - are members of the Whitemarsh Boat Club. That's putting it mildly. Pictured is Evelina last weekend, winning a silver medal at the national under-17 rowing championships. Her goal is the Olympics and she already has more medals than we can count. Sebastian just started rowing in September, but he's already winning medals in the novice leagues.

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On the left, that's Faith Dickerson, who just won a scholarship to the Summer Business Institute of the Catholic University of America. We're not surprised. She's always got an entrepreneurial plan for her knitting and other crafts at every flea market and fundraiser. And on the right, in the far right corner, there's Faith again. Just so you know: we have a volleyball team, and they rock.

In case it isn't clear yet, we love our students. They are beautiful, impressive people. Sometimes people ask: at a small school, how do students have extracurricular actvities? Answer: they have gumption. We help make introductions sometimes, and we can help new students find their place. Our kids run cross country, sail with the Sea Cadets, train with the National Canoe Safety Patrol, join 4-H, swim competitively, train with rugby clubs, dance ballet, play in symphonies, compete in gymnastics, have internships at radio stations, sing in choirs, travel with opera name it. We're ready to support it and facilitate it.

There are many more things going on at Martin Saints, many more stories we'd like to tell you - some of them about invisible things, things happening quietly in the heart. For now, count on one more end-of-year joy email - stay tuned for next week's installment!