Jacqueline Sergio, A.A., B.A.


Mrs. Sergio is an experienced professional and learning specialist in the fields of language and remedial education. Moreover, her multilingual background and ongoing travel continue to enhance her working with students from other countries as well as American students who struggle with Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., A.D.D., and other obstacles to academic study and concentration. Relevant teaching experience was acquired at a specialized school for students with learning differences, employing not only the Orton-Gillingham method, but the use of kinesthetics and various teaching methods acknowledged to produce positive outcomes. (See Delaware Valley Friends School)Since students have proven her ability to enhance their acquisition of language skills, Mrs. Sergio is always encouraged to develop new ideas and techniques. One is the learning motivation of adult student groups. This opens exciting educational vistas in the fields of E.S.L. and World Languages in both classroom situations and one-on-one learning, e.g. facilitating language use in the rapidly advancing health field plus intensive preparation for domestic and international business travel.

Tutoring remains a prime skill and interest for Mrs. Sergio, whether optimally long-term, or short-term. She specializes in year-long tutoring for Writing, Reading, Latin, English, E.S.L., Spanish, Italian, French, and Humanities. She has also led three student tours to Italy and Spain.

From the moment she left her two young sons at Norwood’s Montessori School, the die was cast. Mrs. Sergio knew that she would teach.  A self-described nerd as a child, she was excited to return to the books.  The formality and eloquent structure of the Latin language appealed to her. When she was given all four levels of language and literature to present to her students,  her joy was indescribable.  Yes, the Romans had gravitas but even more, humanitas.