Carol Sargeant, M.T.S


Way back before the Common Ap, in the days of carbon paper and white-out, Mrs. Sargeant applied to colleges on a borrowed typewriter. Without the aid of a guidance counselor, SAT prep courses, or spell check, Carol fumbled her way through the personal essays, standardized tests, and interviews. She sent off her applications by registered mail, then chewed her nails awaiting a verdict. It was stressful. God was working out His purposes in Carol’s life, but she was too anxious to notice.

The following September, Carol packed her thesaurus and headed to Harvard, where she quickly learned that she needed waterproof shoes and a heavier coat. She graduated with an honors degree in Literature, then moved south (to warmer climes) and earned a Masters in Theological Studies, where – in God’s amazing providence – this Presbyterian Californian Suburbanite met and married a Greek Orthodox New Yorker. They moved to Havertown, converted to Catholicism, and raised four children to appreciate cheese steaks, water ice, and Phillies baseball.

Carol has been homeschooling for over twenty years. In addition to launching three sons off to college (Yale, Lehigh, and Notre Dame) and a daughter into high school, Carol teaches creative writing courses, administers the annual National Mythology Exam for the Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers, and coaches anxious high schoolers through the process of writing a well-constructed college admissions essay. Carol attends Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Philadelphia, is a Cooperator with Opus Dei, and is active on the local UNBOUND Prayer Team through Heart of the Father Ministries. UNBOUND prayer and college counseling actually have a lot in common. Both aim to help individuals overcome fear and move forward with confidence in Christ.

“I’m excited to join the team at Martin Saints,” says Carol. “I see college counseling as a ministry. The college application process can be overwhelming and bewildering. It was tricky back when I applied to schools, and it’s only gotten more competitive and complex. I’d like to help Martin Saints families navigate this byzantine undertaking. Together, we can seek to hear the Lord and search for each student’s ‘best-fit’ school. With God’s help, we can transform a haphazard college search into an exciting journey of discernment and self-discovery.”