Alexander Hurtsellers


Mr. Hurtsellers is a convert from the Evangelical Protestant tradition and a graduate from the Christian and Missionary Alliance College, Toccoa Falls. While at Toccoa Falls, Mr. Hurtsellers studied theology and received various honors and awards, such as the Theology Student of the Year for his graduating class. However, his greatest achievement while studying as an undergraduate was meeting his wife, Kellie, and falling in love through the light of the Church! 

Mr. Hurtsellers and Kellie have recently relocated to Narberth, PA (from Atlanta, GA), so that he can continue his theological studies at Villanova University. Though he has aspirations of continuing in the world of academia, Mr. Hurtsellers’s primary interest is providing theological education and guidance to the faithful, so that they might be further conformed to holiness. 

Mr. Hurtsellers is excited to synthesize his deep love for Scripture, philosophy, and the arts within the comprehensive framework of faithful Classical education that makes up Martin Saints. When he is not reading, writing, and researching, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Chicago Cubs baseball, going on walks with his dog, Special Agent Dale Cooper, painting, playing the piano, and watching movies.